Thursday, March 19, 2015

New Website 2015 Mobile Friendly

***Launching the new website now! 

-User friendly! Loads faster! Layout is nice no matter which platform you use to access (Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop)

*Dedicated feed for "LTAJ" Broadcasts 
*Dedicated feed for our Service Sermons
*Access our Archive of nearly 1,400 sermons

*The Scriptures to Pictures - Visual enouragement of Edification, Exhortation and Comfort! Feel free to share!
ALL images are made by personally by me, they are not copyrighted, and are for the intent to proprogate the Gospel

and 2 new links!!
*Such is the Kingdom - The Gospel through the eyes of Children! Sunday School Teachers, if your students have made Art (Pictures/Crafts,etc)
We would love to see it!
*True Abiding Peace - Daily devotions, bringing strength and encouragement, praise and worship a must read for everyone!

Pastor Robert Venable