Monday, August 26, 2019

ePIC: Revival (Micro Begets Macro)

   I think too many people look at "Revival" in a Macro sense when really we should be focusing in on the context of "Micro." 
   Just ask someone, and it's as if we NEED to tarry for hours, days, weeks, months, years in intercession praying for God to move or it isn't going to happen.  This thought is probably due to the results we see because of a Macro Revival: there's camp meetings, prayer meetings,  services 7 days a week, people being healed, set free, delivered, baptized in the Holy Ghost!  
   The Micro that begets Macro is the result of an individual surrender.  An ember, when clumped together with other embers, it gets hotter and hotter, glowing brighter and brighter as a whole (Macro)! It's EASIER to SAY "I Surrender ALL" than to "TRULY Surrender ALL"  Are you consumed by it?  Is Jesus the multitude of your thoughts? Are His plans your plans?  A Micro Revival will produce a passionate desire of love for Jesus whether or not others follow pursuit, it is confirmed with His PRESENCE, with prayers being answered, Covenant promises being kept, realized and actualized in this present world! (see Psalm 91 & Psalm 1)
   One of the most difficult things for ANY Pastor is, to get everybody on the same page, to bring everybody into one mind and one accord, (pray for that unity) IF THIS is ever achievable, there will indeed be a Mighty/Corporate/City-Wide/Macro Revival! (contrast Genesis 11:6 and Acts 2) Just consider the example of giving, believe it or not, most Churches, their financial burden is carried by a minority, could you just imagine what could be accomplished IF everybody participated faithfully in giving!  This speaks true even to the littlest of carnal details, how much more to deeper Spiritual things? (LUKE 16:11)  
   One of the greatest things about looking at Revival in the Micro sense IS that you are not limited by others! (Simeon & Anna. Luke 2) No one can keep you from experiencing it BUT YOU!  "You are as close to God AS you want to be"

I, Oh Lord, start with I!
 Though no others yearn and long for Your Coming with Fire,
 Let the Fire start with I!

Revive Me, in the Mist of years,
 Revive Me, for Souls my heart cries with tears, 
Revive Me,  Oh Lord, Revive Me,
Let the Fire start with I!


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Monday, August 19, 2019

SERMON: "A Heart Condition"

***The Audio Quality isn't the best being from a phone and not right up front (sorry), BUT WOW!!!! WHAT A GREAT MESSAGE!!! STILL WELL WORTH THE LISTEN (AS IT'S ALL ABOUT HUNGER AND THIRST IN HEARING THE WORD OF GOD AND THE HEARTBEAT OF YOUR FAITH!!!!

A Heart Condition    <<<<download 

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Tuesday, August 6, 2019