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Friday, February 11, 2011

Audio New Testament in over 500 languages

Now you can listen to the Audio Bible New Testament in over 500 languages on our website for FREE!!!

   Due to the amount hits coming to our website from all around the world, we pray that this tool will be able to assist those in need of a Bible in their own language.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Website Language Translator

We recently added a tool to our blog and our website pages that will translate the "text" of both pages into another language!  (Useful for those who do not know English that well)
Tell a friend, there is a wide variety of major languages available
Pastor Robert Venable                    

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The FaceBook and the Blog (experimental pages)

   The "Blog" and "FaceBook" pages are experimental into this world of social networking.  Because of their popularity and their ease of use in bringing everything into your world, we would like to seize its potential in communicating the Gospel to those who use these networks, as well as encourage the saved in the faith and strengthen the brethren! 
   From a Tech perspective, these 2 networks make the PODcast/RSS/XML/Atom Feeds easy to subscribe to and therefore worth experimenting with the "Blog" and "FaceBook" pages. 

****The biggest draw back about "FaceBook" so far is: 
#1 You have to be member to view our FaceBook page 
#2 You have to send a 'friend request' as well 

Look for these images to click on and link up with: